Re-Marketing Services

Remarketing ads are a great way to reach new customers. Remarketing is basically the technique by which your ads are displayed to customers who have visited your webpage earlier. Many times, online customers carry out extensive research before purchasing a product.

Why You Need Re-Marketing Services

Setting up remarketing ads can be challenging for people who are inexperienced with designing ads, installing pixels, or analyzing data . Our remarketing services help our clients manage this entire process. We will do the heavy lifting, allowing you to work on more important areas of your business. The best performing Google remarketing ads align with the branding on your website. It will help you deliver an uninterrupted advertising experience that is more natural instead of salesy. To achieve these kinds of results, its best to work with a remarketing agency. We will make sure your content, designs, and overall message are clear and concise across the board

Our Re-Marketing Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Set a Goal

The very first step is to identify what your goal is, so that you can properly identify what audience you want to target. Here are a few our account managers shoot for on a daily basis.

  • Get abandoned shopping carts to complete purchase
  • Stay top of mind with leads as they explore other options
  • Up-sell or cross-sell existing customers
  • Introduce previous customers to similar products
  • Increase brand awareness
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Identify Your Audience

With your goal in mind, identify the customers that’ll meet that criterion. AdWords provides a ton of flexibility, so there’s a lot of room to get creative. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when identifying this audience.

  • What page did they visit?
  • What page did they not visit?
  • How much time did they spend on the site?
  • How many pages did they visit?
  • Do they fit your customer demographic (i.e. location, age, etc.)
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Set Up Remarketing

You’re going to have to play with a little bit of code here, so if you don’t have development access, be sure to work with your developer. Have no fear though, if you know how to copy and paste you should be good to go.

  • Connect AdWords to Analytics
  • Open Google Analytics
  • Click audience definitions
  • Name your list based on your goal and audience
  • Look at your Google Analytics embed code and replace
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Create your Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing campaigns through Google AdWords offer advertisers an additional tactic to drive potentially high value visitors back to their website in an effort to grow overall conversion figures.

  • Open AdWords
  • Select All Campaigns
  • Enter your Enhanced CPC budget
  • Add your remarketing lists
  • Click save and continue
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Test and Optimize Your Campaign

Like with anything else on Google AdWords, we must test and optimize consistently to get the best results! Here are a few things you can do to improve your remarketing campaigns.

  • Ad Creatives: Make sure that your ads are relevant, have a call-to-action, and are consistent with the design and UX of your website
  • Set up conversion tracking so you can see how your remarketing campaigns are driving conversions.
  • Use frequency capping to limit the number of times someone sees your ad per day.
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Google AdWords Remarketing Process

Google AdWords has 19 bidding strategies for remarketing. We implement specific or other bidding strategies considering several factors such as your business, your product and services, targeted audience, budget, competition, geography etc.

Bidding Strategy

Google AdWords has 19 bidding strategies for remarketing. We implement specific or other bidding strategies considering several factors such as your business, your product and services, targeted audience, budget, competition, geography etc.

Ongoing Monitoring and Analysis

The final step is to execute and continually monitor the remarketing campaign for best-desired results. Our PPC team will optimize your campaign if need be so as to constantly increase your brand awareness and profit ratio.

Remarketing Lists Tags

The second phase is to create suitable tags for the remarketing list. As and when visitors visit your website, their information will automatically be added to the list. And the list will enable us to create relevant interactive ads.

Setting the Audience

The primary step of remarketing is to define your audience for the marketing. It will help to create the foundation of your campaign.

How Does Google Re-marketing Work?

Re-marketing is also known as Re-targeting, as a Google advertiser, you can capture a list of the visitors through Google re-marketing code called a tag or pixel to your website so that you can notch your remarketing audiences through cookies.

Increase Visibility

Reach customers on up to 2,000,000 websites.

Increase Traffic

Drive laser-targeted traffic to your website through remarketing.

Increase Attribution

Increase touch points with potential customers to increase sales.

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