Business Process Automation

Transforming complex business processes into simplified systems that reduce manual interference and maximize revenue. With our expectational BPA systems, the company can automate the error-prone processes and embrace quick turn around time.

Business Process Automation Solutions

Advoxo Marketing Solutions is one of the leading offshore development company expertise in delivering business process automation (BPA), Web Development and Digital Marketing. As organization involves in diverse of business processes including data entry, decision making and other activities, it will lead to various human errors, typo mistakes, delay in delivery and more.

Core Process Automation and Beyond

Advoxo provides the entire spectrum of services covering all phases of business process automation, from understanding the Customer’s business data, processes and systems through the solution’s architecture and implementation to user training, perfective maintenance and support.

Analysis : We review your organization’s infrastructure. Assess its requirements and objectives before performing a full review of the current systems, data needs, and business processes. Then select a technology solution based on its architectural design and its fit with the business.

  • Initial assessment of needs and objectives
  • Assessment of existing systems, data and processes
  • Solution architecture definition and design
  • Technology consulting
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Implementation: Set up and customize the technology. If necessary, extend the current IT systems with specialized plugins and add-ons. At this time, documentation is critical, and you should record each and every functionality.

  • Solution setup and customization
  • Extension of the existing IT systems with custom plugins and add-ons
  • Full documentary support of the delivered functionality
  • Admin and end-user training
  • End-to-end testing/UAT
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Integration: Perform API integration. This enables the new programs to access and communicate with other existing programs, perform data integration during this step, combining data from disparate sources.

  • API-based integration
  • Data integration
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation
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Maintenance and Support: This last phase seeks out bottlenecks and flaws in your processes so that they can be corrected, continuously update your system versions, with consistent migration to new platforms as they are available. The whole organization should also be able to take advantage of technical support.

  • Profiling, detection of bottlenecks and fixing productivity flaws
  • Migration to newer platforms and product versions
  • Multi-level technical support (monitoring, L1-L3, 24/7
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Benefits of Business Process Automation

Organizations that embrace BPA will cut costs, save time, and use their manual workforce to solve more intelligent problems. These organizations let machines do the rote tasks while eliminating the chance of human error.

Increasing Value Per Work

Automating useless processes means that your employees will no longer have to deal with them. Meaning, they’ll be able to focus on work that creates more value (and makes more money) for your business.

Employees Satisfaction

Anyone that’s ever held a position as an intern knows that menial, robotic tasks are extremely bad for motivation & enjoyment of work. If such things can be automated, both you and your employees will be happier .

Minimizing Human Error

There’s always a small chance that someone will forget something, an email will be left unsent, etc. The consequences here can be anything between minor to catastrophic. The right software will remind you your tasks on a regular basis.

Abolish Your To-Do List

Automate any business process with RPA software designed for the modern enterprise

Financial and Banking

Automate data validations, data migration between banking applications, customer account management, report create etc.

Technology / Software

Automate Hardware and software testing for functional, load, and mobile performance.

Tele - Communications

Automate collecting and consolidating data from client phone systems, backing up information from client systems etc.


Automate ERP, logistics data, data monitoring, pricing comparisons


Automate populating subcontractor forms, verification processes, daily reports, integrating legacy systems with newer systems.


Automate patient data migration and processing, reporting for doctors, medical bill processing, insurance data and claim processing.


Automate competitor pricing analysis, guest data processing, data verification, payment processing, user account creation.


Automate extracting product data from manufacturers, updating online inventory and product information, importing website and email sales

Consumer Goods

Automate order processing, data entry, resolution consulting, claims processing, FTP automation, incentive claims processing.

    Why Advoxo for Business Process Management Solutions?

  • We are one-stop shop for your BPA requirements.
  • Our dedicated team includes consultants and an R&D team with experience in business process automation and domain knowledge.
  • Dedicated account manager available 24 x 365 to provide support and answer questions.
  • On-site deployment for successful training and implementation. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied.
  • To ensure cost efficiency, we tailor our BPA solutions to meet your business processes – you pay only for the modules and features you want.
  • We align processes, system and resources to ensure increased efficiency.
  • Our team will strategize and implement the right BPA solution for seamless working of the system.
  • We'll use the latest, proven technologies for your BPA solution.

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